hydraulic engineering

Retention Investigation Lower Austria

Project Description:
In the recent  past, flood water assessment studies were conducted for numerous Lower Austrian Rivers.

In an effort to achieve additional results regarding the interaction of flood plains and retention areas, extensive retention assessments will be implemented. Based on the calculation of six different discharges, an evaluation and categorization of flood areas, which will affect the decrease of wave peaks, the wave duration and the duration of the overall flow was elaborated.
The goal is to provide an evaluation/assessment base to experts in the legal water procedures, as well as providing over-flooding space with an essential retention affect for future flood drainage.

Client: Amt der NÖ Landesregierung, WA 2
Timeframe: 2008 – ongoing
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Calculation, analysis and categorization of the retention effect on Lower Austrian rivers/streams, (Ybbs, Kleine Ybbs, Zauchbach, Piesting, Erlabach, Schmida, Url, Melk, Mank, Erlauf, Kleine Erlauf, Lainsitz, Braunaubach, Pulkau). The overall analysis of all bodies of water is approx. 470 nautical km.