hydraulic engineering

Berlin Panke, Development Phase 2

Project Description:
The Panke in Berlin is regulated for the most part by walls, steps, culverts etc. and intensive narrowing of the stream bed. The provisions of the EU-water regulations indicated the need for restoration and transformation for the entire course of the stream. Existing damaged regulating structures will also be renovated within this scope. Taking into consideration the mandatory locations, such as roads, train and other structures, a new drainage system in cohesion with the natural condition will be established (replacing walls with embankments/slopes, eliminating disruptions of the continuous flow and designing the stream landscape and pasture). The planning process ranges from initial assessments to permit planning with an option to draw up contractual documents. The planning area for the Planke includes the approx. 18 km located within the Berlin city limits.

Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Berlin (Senate Administration for Urban Development in Berlin)
Timeframe:  2011-ongoing
Project Share WERNER CONSULT: Hydraulic calculation, object planning, outdoor grounds, support structure planning