Structural engineering

2. Conference Center UNO City, 1220 Vienna

Project Description:
The 2nd conference center was built on an existing three-story parking deck during ongoing operation and under consideration of utmost safety requirements. It includes variable conference rooms with a capacity of up to 2,400 people, as well as office space and all-purpose rooms. The roof, which houses the facility’s technology headquarters, stretches across a surface of approximately 7,000 sqm. It is built with a 1200 ton steel construction with up to 5m high framework structures. This type of construction also enabled the support free spanning of the 40 x 60 m main room.

Internat. Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien AG
Timeframe: 2005 - 2008/2012
Construction Term:
2006 - 2008
Project Share WERNER CONSULT in consortium: Project management by general consulting services. Static and construction, local site supervision, building technology, facility technology, planning-, construction site coordination and project manager pursuant of the BauKG (Construction Coordination Act), notification of completion in accordance with building code