Railway construction

ÖBB line Feldkirch - Buchs

Project Description:
The railway line from Feldkirch to Buchs, which has been in place since 1874, is 18.5 km long. The East-West-Euro-City connection is an important segment of the connection between Vienna and  Zurich. 6 stops and 3 train stations are located on this segment of the route. Between km7.72 und km 9.67 an improved line to a designed speed of 100km/h will be implemented. The route will be expanded to 2 tracks between km 7.74 und 12.20

ÖBB Infrastructure AG
Timeframe: 2010 - 2018         
Construction Term: 2015 - 2018
EIA study, feasibility study, main design, work safety, bridge design, railway design, hydraulic engineering, optional detailed planning