Railway construction

Koralmbahn, Wettmannstätten - St. Andrä

Project Description:
A 2-track high speed route for mixed traffic will be built between Graz and Klagenfurt. The goal is re-routing the existing, growing traffic to the tracks to greatest extent possible, as well as relieving and improving the existing route. The Koralmbahn venture projects new construction on approx. 120 km. The core segment is the Koralm tunnel with approx. 33 km length.
The consortium-contract includes the partial segment West of the Wettmannstätten train station up to the East of the Lavanttal train station. The new Western Styria train station with a connection to the Graz - Köflach train station, technical train routing of the Koralm tunnel with an emergency stop inside the tunnel is included as well.

Client: ÖBB Infrastructure AG
Timeframe: 2004 - 2022          
Construction Term: 2007 - 2022
Project Share WERNER CONSULT in consortium:
Main design, detailed design