Bridgework engineering

Salzburg, Railway Bridge across the Salzach

Project Description:
The new 3-field bridge was built at the location of the 5-field bridge with new river pile locations. A 3rd track for short-distance traffic was added. The narrowing of the Salzach during construction was demonstrated on test models at the Technical University (TU) in Graz and enabled the construction phases to continue during the winter seasons. We consulted an architect for the bridge design. The high-level design demand was implemented in the design plans. The deep foundation in the Salzach was implemented with protective rock-fill embankments, sheet pile building pits and in part, underneath the old bridge. Coffer dams made of sheet pile were used in the abutment area. Stop access points were integrated in the abutments.

ÖBB Infrastructure AG
Timeframe: 2004 - 2009
Construction Term: 2005 - 2010
Project Share WERNER CONSULT in consortium:
Project coordination for all 8 planners, bridge system study, hydraulic construction coordination, tender draft for sub-structure, LV and tender, detail draft for sub-structure, supplemental construction measures, overall planning.