Bridgework engineering

Salzburg, Railway Bridge across Rainerstraße

Project Description:
Within the scope of the short-distance traffic project a new track arrangement with additional tracks was implemented on the existing 4-track bridge with two track switches. At the same time, the clearances were expanded and an additional bicycle path was created. The orthogonally spanning steel supports of the object had to be reduced and intercepted in order to maintain railway- as well as road traffic. This could only be achieved with the aid of a heavy  overhead and slanted (more specifically, arranged  parallel to the tracks) supporting steel structure. The new sub-structure rests on ductile piles whose segmentation is able to accommodate the heavy-weight horizontal loads. The three new support structures are WIB (sectional girders in concrete)- support structures with depressed height.

ÖBB Infrastructure AG
Timeframe: 2002 - 2008
Construction Term: 2006 - 2012
Study, permit application planning, general draft, tenders preparation, construction phase planning, detail project, supplementary construction measures