Grand Opening of the Bad Vigaun Stop in Salzburg

September 5, 2017

The grand opening of the Bad Vigaun Stop in Salzburg, district Hallein (Tennengau) was celebrated on August 8, 2017 following an approx. 16 months construction period; in attendance were DI Dr. Hubert Hager (ÖBB), Dr. Wilfried Haslauer (Salzburger Landeshauptmann (Governor)) and Mayor Fritz Holztrattner.

In addition to demolishing the former infrastructure of the stop and the railway crossing at B159 (which was built in a separate road construction project), the project included the expansion of the track distance as well as rebuilding both railway platforms, adding platform roofs, elevators and bays for waiting passengers, a bicycle and pedestrian crossover and a Park & Ride facility featuring 62 POV and 10 covered moped parking spaces. The courtyards were also re-designed and new bicycle parking spaces, sound protection walls, a control station, pump station, forest trails and a drainage reservoir were added.

In this Project WERNER CONSULT was responsible for planning the transport facility and support structure planning.