WERNER CONSULT Summer Party 2017

June 20, 2017

The thirteenth WERNER CONSULT Summer Party took place in the gardens of the company headquarters at Leithastraße during high seasonal temperatures. The theme of the event was “a little October Fest works in June as well“, and made reference to the fact that the WERNER CONSULT Group is now represented in Munich by WINDERL Ingenieure.

Executive Directors Markus Werner and Georg Kichler were able to welcome numerous guests from their circle of business partners and commerce, as well as many friends of the company. After witty speeches, during which Mr. Manfred Winderl presented Mr. Markus Werner and Mr. Georg Kichler with rustic Octoberfest beer mugs and his designated successor, Mr. Axel Wagner, with a traditional Bavarian hat, the moto was “O’zapt is“.

The “Vanguard Quartette" featuring singer Anita Horn provided the entertaining musical background.