Reconstruction, Railway Station Lustenau – Cross Feed of Support Structure in the Track 5 Section

October 2016

The cross feed of the pedestrian underpass framework structure, track 5 section at the railway station Lustenau has been completed on schedule in September 2015.

 The most important segments of this project were:

- Reconstruction and new track systems (without overhead structures)
- Reconstruction and newly designed court yards on the East and West side, as well as building a new  platform underpass between the two court yards.
- Construction of a new island platform 

The structure consists of two one-track and one two-track railway support structure with integrated stairwells on the extensions edges leading to the court yard/ Bahngasse and on the extended area of the island platform with integrated stairwells to the island platform. 

Additional project characteristics:

- New building with sanitary facilities and a kiosk
- Covered center platform, length  160m
- Glazed waiting area on the platform
- Ungated entrances
- Tactile guiding system for visually impaired customers  
- Park & Ride, Kiss & Ride, 35 parking spaces for privately owned vehicles
- Bicycle units with 202 spaces for bikes
- 42 covered bike parking spaces
- Expansion of noise barrier walls

WERNER CONSULT has been in charge of this project in collaboration with the local construction supervision team.