S 10 Mühlviertler Schnellstraße (Highway), Section Unterweitersdorf - Freistadt Nord

Project Description:
In the first construction phase, the S 10 Mühlviertler Schnellstraße (highway) runs from the end of A 7 Mühlkreis Autobahn up to the North of Freistadt. It will be a 4-lane construction with plans for three tunnels, three underground roadways and five junctions on a distance of approx. 23 km. Within the scope of extensive environmental analyses numerous offsetting measures were defined.

Client: ASFiNAG Bau Management GmbH
Timeframe: 2005 - ongoing.
Construction Term: 2009 - 2015
Project Share WERNER CONSULT in consortium:
Permit application project section Unterweitersdorf to Neumarkt (road planning, legal procedures, UVP-entire project management)
Construction project section Unterweitersdorf to Freistadt North (road planning project manager, deputy for the entire project)