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The "road design" department works on projects at home and abroad. The area of responsibility extends from the parking lots and redevelopment of regional roads up to national major projects as well as highly complex interdisciplinary projects in sensitive planning areas.

Road planning represents one of the traditional competencies of WERNER CONSULT. Competent employees are experienced in all areas of planning and project management through to process-ready Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Road design

Construction of new roads

"Road planning today", especially when planning a new build, is an interdisciplinary planning process involving many stakeholders whose interests are very complex and sometimes controversial. Due to our long experience in several major projects, we bring a sound and proven practical knowledge in dealing and working with environmentalists, special interest groups, citizens' initiatives, etc., in which we support some projects from the "first line" to opening for traffic. Interdisciplinary work and lateral thinking are our daily bread.

The S1 Vienna outer ring expressway between Vösendorf and Schwechat and the S10 Mühlviertler expressway between Unterweitersdorf and Freistadt represent two real-world examples.