Competancy of the purest water.

Hydraulic engineering is a core competency of WERNER CONSULT. With more than 30 highly qualified employees and a number of external experts, we are well equipped to tackle all challenges of hydraulic engineering as well as to realise unusual large-scale projects.

Below we present you with our key strengths in hydraulic engineering.

Hydraulic engineering

Dams and Levees

■  New construction, rehabilitation of dams and levees
■  Sealing works
■  measurements to control sleeping through and under the dam
■  Special underground engineering, foundations, overflow dams and levees

Examples are the levee reconstruction on the river March from Angern to Jedenspeigen, the rehabilitation of levee on the River Danube at Schlosshof and the levee construction on the river Leitha at Eggendorf-Zillingdorf.