Best-fit in the structural design.

In structural engineering we can draw on a large and capable team based in Vienna, allowing us to provide support for powerful project teams working on major challenging projects. Because of this capacity, the use of modern 3D CAD software and high performance computing software and the use of digital platforms, we can provide our project clients with excellent know-how, offering both flexibility and punctuality.

Below we have compiled an overview of our particular strengths in this area.

Structural Engineering

Third Party Monitoring of Planning Services

The inspection in accordance with OIB-Richtlinie 1 (Austrian Institute for Construction Engineering, Guideline 1) and Euro-Code 0, as well as classic inspection statics are an indispensable component in the queried engineering services for today’s high-volume projects as well as for smaller construction projects.

The most current projects in this category are the BRG (Federal High School)16 at the Schuhmeierplatz and the supports structure inspection static Hochstädtplatz, as well as several bridge projects.