Expertise and operational readiness...

... of the employees in the "Construction Management Engineering" department are an asset that should be used. Knowledge contributes to the fruits of a resource only when it is brought into an application and used. We therefore focus on projects in civil engineering, road construction, hydraulic engineering, railway and tunnel building whose areas of performance we can competently cover as demonstrated below.

Construction Management Civil Eng.

Claims / Counterclaims

Tasks in the construction industry are becoming increasingly complex. The burden of requirements increases with falling prices and lower profits. At the same time the load factor decreases, which increases the market pressures.

We see our task here in terms of providing supportive action, using our expertise to relieve the burden of construction site personnel. We support contractors with respect to principals and vice versa in defence against unjustified claims.

The aim in both cases is to meet contracts and complete projects without lengthy debate.