Free up your imagination.

The successful implementation of your project requires, inter alia, technical expertise and adequate resources. Our consultancy services can relieve you of an agreed proportion of your construction management tasks. Consequently, you can focus on your core tasks secure in the knowledge that your project is in good hands. We manage your project so that your imagination is set free.

Below we have compiled a list of areas of our greatest strengths that can be best used to lighten your load.

Construction Management Building

Scheduling of civil engineering projects

Dates, costs and quality are interrelated. Therefore, a professional and customized scheduling process that conforms in detail to the respective project is a crucial factor for the successful implementation of a construction project. Essential contents here are combined planning, decision, approval, award and execution dates and ability to represent and detect deviations timeously. A realistic assessment of the periods for test runs, adjustments and preparing the necessary documents for the completion report is preserved from the beginning to prevent unpleasant surprises.