Only flying is more beautiful.

With our planning, we create the structural prerequisites to ensure that everything in the "airside" area works well. Our strengths lie in the overall planning of new or refurbished aircraft movement areas (aprons, taxiways, runways) and monitoring to be carried out mostly during full operation works.

In the foregoing, we have compiled the focus of our activities in the airport planning for you.

Airport design

Assessment of flight operation surfaces (pavement)

Resources and cost-saving measurement for the manoeuvring areas/surfaces are created in several design iterations in collaboration with soil and material testing facilities. Concrete and asphalt are optimized under the best possible use of the materials. Recycling products are brought into operation. Extreme loads taken into account, the minimisation of hydroplaning (grooving), preservation of the friction coefficients (special blend of rock in the surface), a special binder (highly stable) applied.